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Western Idaho Model T Club
Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Ford, Model T

The Western Idaho Model T Ford Club was founded in 1975 and is a chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America.
The general purpose of this club, incorporated as a non-profit corporation, shall be to preserve and maintain the Model T Ford of ancient age and historical value and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information concerning Model T Fords for the benefit of it's members as well as the general public.


Please help us welcome Jeremy Knopp as our new club President.
It's going to be an exciting year ahead so stay tuned...


Check the "EVENT CALENDAR" page for upcoming events!


Model T University Class

Would you like to sign up for a Model T University class?  Come to our monthly meeting and let us know.
Model T University Class s
ubjects are:
How to Drive a Model T
Fuel Systems and Blockages
How to Align a Model T 
Carburetors - Cleaning, adjusting float valves and needles, replacement kits 
Magneto and Batteries
Timers and Timing
Brakes - Maintenance and repair 
Troubleshoot my Model T

We want to learn from the experts. Can be as long or short as you like, just cover all the bases for the rookies. 
We plan to dig in, get dirty and learn a few new things about Model T's.
Please send an email to Andrea if you are interested in teaching @ 
modeltgirl26@hotmail.com or see me at our next monthly meeting and I'll sign you up.


  "Aw, for the road less traveled! That’s the road for me. I can think of nothing more rewarding for the feeling of well being that comes over me when I get behind the wheel of a Model T Ford. Just starting ol Henry up with his trusty "startin stick" produces a feeling of calm and happiness within that is hard to put into words. Well for me it’s simply complete contentment, as he comes alive with his myriad of sounds that dance across my senses and produce what I call the standard Model T Ford starting smile! No other automobile I have ever owned or come in contact with in my entire life has effected me this way. You know, I’ve always thought this condition was entirely my Grandfathers fault. I’m now ready to proclaim the car itself and the many folks I have befriended over my years of association are indeed worthy of… MOST of the credit. It really has to be that way, for I know people who are as smitten with the old Ford as I and …
they never knew Roscoe Sheller!"

This is a note written by Bill Sheller who I believe to be the grandson of Roscoe Sheller. Roscoe owned one of the first Model T Ford dealerships in Washington.

Western Idaho Model T Club
E-mail: modeltgirl26@hotmail.com


Memberships and Affiliations

Thank you again for your support in 2015.  We have received an honorable 2nd place for our website. 
Congratulations go to The Western Idaho Model T Club for winning the
Golden Mouse Award for 2012

by the Model T Ford Club of America!

Thank you MTFCA we are honored to receive these handsome awards!
- Andrea


  "Quality means do it right when no one is looking"
Henry Ford

Club Officers:
President: Jeremy Knopp
Vice President/Tour Chairman: Steve Strom
Secretary: Barbara Westcott
Treasurer: Arlan Potts
Historian: Barbara Westcott
Sunshine Lady: Estelle Howe
Membership: Don Borchers
Editor: Gary Westcott
Web Mistress: Andrea Benedict

There are currently over 80 members in the club.
Approximately 30-45 people at each monthly meeting.



As of April 27, 2016 we have 33,163 visits to our site. WOW!!
As of January 1, 2014 we have 10,000 visits to our site.
Thanks to all who have an interest in keeping the Model T alive.
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